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LJM helps to integrate safety into all aspects of business processes, using it as a change driver to build robust systems and cultures.  The impacts extend well beyond safety, improving productivity, engagement, efficiency and effectiveness.

Since its formation in 1998, LJM has supported leading global and Australian organisations across a broad range of industries, including mining, construction, energy, manufacturing, transport, telecommunications and the public sector. LJM has built a strong reputation for working in partnership with its clients to design and implement programs that build on existing systems and achieve sustainable results.

LJM takes a strategic, risk based approach to safety, viewing it not as an operational cost but as an opportunity to achieve superior business performance and competitiveness. Working with leadership, LJM helps to identify the key initiatives that will drive a significant impact on people and performance.

Most large organisations have fundamental safety systems in place. LJM has found time and time again that even the best systems are only as effective as the commitment, capability, courage and actions of the people who use them. As a result, LJM connects with people in all levels and functions, shifting the focus beyond compliance.

What we do

LJM offers both structured products and customised solutions. No two organisations are the same, so any change program is tailored to take into account corporate strategies, systems, industry conditions, culture and current initiatives. LJM can support a broad scope of client needs, from targeted change initiatives to organisation-wide culture change projects spanning several years.

Any successful change program begins with a clear vision and understanding of the organisation’s current state including strenghts, challenges and key issues. LJM then helps identify and implement initiatives to improve business leadership, processes and practices. The impact of changes are measured and assessed and approaches renewed to continue improvement.

Core services

LJM’s team combines strong experience in operational leadership with a thorough knowledge of cutting-edge safety theory and practice. Because of the LJM team’s diversity, LJM is able to provide support in areas related to safety and beyond including business strategy, organisational effectiveness and sustainability. Read more about our services.

The outcomes

LJM has a proven record of assisting companies to evolve into safer, more productive and competitive organisations. Safety becomes a core value, integrated into how work is done at all levels and in all functions and simply “the way we do things around here.” If work is planned, managed and delivered effectively, safety and efficiency is an outcome and people will do their jobs on time, in budget, with good quality and with no harm.